Hey guys, it's been a while haha. Sorry for not dropping by every now and then. I've just been busy with job finding and saving money to get into college. Hopefully i can post more often without getting too side tracked. That's about it, i just wanted to drop in and say hello i guess. 

-To all a marvelous day

So it's been a month!

2016-06-01 22:03:27 by Crush9allthetime

It's been way too long since my last update! I'm sorry for being away for so long, originally i was going to get back around the 20th of May. However the hype for overwatch was real! my friends and I were drawn into the game for the first few days of release haha. I'm back though! I'll be posting some more art as well, i just posted a fanart drawing of Yoruichi! Great character; anyhow i can't wait to see what new art I've missed out on. I'm especially excited to draw some more art for you guys!

-To all a great day

Took a little break

2016-04-30 19:59:27 by Crush9allthetime

This week i was taking a little break from everything. Me and my buddy Shawn, or DatBassDawg on Twitch were playing DanganRonpa 2 for four days in a row! It was really fun and i might have gotten some inspiration for some future art! As for art trades, I'm still working on an art trade between @TheNoobDude and I. I'm close to being finished brother :) if anyone else would like to collaborate let me kow!

-To all a great day  

Enjoying the feedback!

2016-04-22 19:40:21 by Crush9allthetime

So far everyone I've talked to has been super kind, and helpful. I've been wanting to create a big group of artists just to get together and create projects together or art trades. It's a good way to get feedback and get help from fellow artists whenever you're wondering if you're drawing needs a critique. I'd be happy to help anyone out with the artistic knowledge I'm able to supply haha. I'm not much of an teacher but I'll try my best :) I'd also like help from anyone else, who'd be willing to let me know what i should work on and what they like most about of my artwork. Again thanks to everyone who's been helpful, and i hope this artist family I'm trying to get together isn't a distant dream :).

-To all a great day

Need Help Art

2016-04-20 20:22:27 by Crush9allthetime

I've been drawing out my characters and I'm having a fun time. However, i need some sort of idea or concept to add to what i already have. If anyone can help me that'd be awesome! If not I'll figure something out haha, I'll research some cool clothes deisgns or draw out some concepts myself. I'm searching for a partner at the moment to write a completley new story with/ illustrate comics with. I'm not much of an writer as you could probably tell haha, but I'd like to help anyone out who needs an artist with my style :) 

-To all a great day

Warm welcoming

2016-04-18 16:24:55 by Crush9allthetime

Everyone I've met so far have been so kind and helpful. It makes me really happy that people are willing to help a new guy out :) I'd like to give back, if anyone wants to collaborate or would like to create art together let me know I'd be more than happy to participate. I'd also like to give a shout out to constromlie and dilandoubishop for taking the time to talk to me or give friendly advice, you guys are awesome :)

Getting Started

2016-04-17 17:34:56 by Crush9allthetime

Getting started with NEWGROUNDS has been pretty cool so far, I've been looking at different artwork and it's really cool seeing everyones different art styles. I've got a lot to work on but in time i will be working on short animations. Hopefully i can make some friends to help me out haha. I think i covered this in my last post, I'm going to try my best to upload at least 3-4 drawings a week. Depending on my schedule i hope i can stick to my word. Thank's to everyone who's liked my artwork and to the two new fans :) it really means a lot.


2016-04-16 04:19:56 by Crush9allthetime

Hello, I'm Crush9 I'd like start with newgrounds. I'm a bit of a rookie but I'll do my best to provide content everyone will enjoy! Well just about everyone... maybe a few at least haha. Anyways i hope you guys like my artwork that I'll be posting on newgrounds frequently, or whenever i can :) that's all i have for now, can't wait to post some more!