Took a little break

2016-04-30 19:59:27 by Crush9allthetime

This week i was taking a little break from everything. Me and my buddy Shawn, or DatBassDawg on Twitch were playing DanganRonpa 2 for four days in a row! It was really fun and i might have gotten some inspiration for some future art! As for art trades, I'm still working on an art trade between @TheNoobDude and I. I'm close to being finished brother :) if anyone else would like to collaborate let me kow!

-To all a great day  


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2016-04-30 20:02:01

Same here should be up on Monday at the latest for me buddy.

Crush9allthetime responds:

Nice! I'll see if i can have mine up either today or tomorrow :)


2016-05-13 04:04:59

Wew, somebody is underappreciated! I look forward to seeing more from you here.

Crush9allthetime responds:

I can't wait to post more art! Plus i haven't done anything for anybody yet haha. Thank you for the support! your warm words make me feel welcomed :)